Dog Pricing
 Boarding only (only if staying in same kennel)
  • 1st Dog$18.00 + tax
  • 2nd Dog$15.00 + tax
  • 3rd Dog $10.00 + tax

Additional Daycare (daycare for boarding guests)
  • 9.30+ tax/each day in yard (required every 3rd day)
Daycare only 
  • 1st dog:  $16.74 +tax
  • each additional dog:  $9.30 + tax

Cat Pricing
 Boarding only 
  • 1st cat:   $15.00 + tax
  • 2nd cat:  $9.00 + tax


Please include ALL information that can be helpful in keeping your pet safe

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Contract must be signed and brought in on file for all Boarding and Daycare guests.

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Policies and Procedures

  •    Free Baths : We will attempt to bathe any pet that has a long stay at our kennel due to the fact that they do tend to get very dirty while enjoying the pools and play yards.  This will ONLY be a simple bath, not a grooming.  If you require that you pet have a bath a $12.50 charge will be added to the bill for each pet (additional grooming charges may apply for brushing, shaving, and nail trims). 

  • Pickup times:  Pick up time is before 12pm on scheduled day of pick-up in order for you to not be charged for that day.  If your pet is picked up after 12 pm charges are as follows:
                         o    12 pm – 3pm:  will be charged for ½ Day of daycare.  $9
                         o   After 3pm will be charged for a full day of daycare.  $18

  • Prepay discounts  will be 5% off the original bill.  However, they will be discontinued to any customer that abuses the pick- up time.  

  • After hours pick-ups will only be accepted on an emergency basis.  Justin and Barbara do not live on the premises and are not able to come back to the office after hours.  If you require we keep someone after hours for a late pick up, the overtime for that employee will be added to the bill. 
  • We understand that your pet is your very close family member.  If you pet needs special care, because they are or may be sick, please consider where you are leaving them. Doggie Dude Ranch & Cat Farm is a boarding kennel, not a vet.  If your pet is ill and needs special attention please be aware that we may not be able to give the care that they need. 

  • Please be considerate of the staff.  They are here to keep your pet safe.  If you are not happy with the accommodations set in place for your pet and get rude or inconsiderate with the staff you will be asked to take you pet with you and speak with Barbara on later date. 
  • Please let our staff know if your dog jumps, bites, is skiddish, doesn't get along with other dogs, afraid of anything such as water or thunder, or if you pet my need special accomodations.  Extra fees may apply if we are required to spend unessaccary time trying to accomodate a pet that we were not given proper notice of. 

  • Doggie Daycare:  We now have full access to the large yard in the back of the house along with 4  additional daycare yards that we  will be utilizing and the dogs will be placed in daycare yards according to their temperament and interests.  
                  - Daycare times are from 8am to 3pm.